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Ten'ou Haruka [userpic]

The Sea and Sky Always

September 25th, 2007 (11:35 am)
current mood: romantic
current song: Shiokaze ni Nosete

I walk through the city
Feeling alone
The Wind my only companion.

A bouquet of flowers is gripped in my hand.
Several hopeful people watch me pass
Only to be disappointed as I pass by.

My mind is on one goal.

I leave the city
My booted feet sink into the loose sand.
The Wind picks up
Blowing my jacket
Caressing my face with the scent of the sea...

Your scent...

The Wind carries with it the most beautiful sound.
Soft music enters my ears
Makes me feel like I'm floating.

I continue to walk
And soon I see my target.
I stop several paces away
The graceful figure before me continues to play.

I smile when the violin is lowered.
Aqua eyes turn to me
A beautiful smile is given to me.

I take a step forward
The flowers held out.

Elegant hands take the bouquet
The beautiful smile widening

No words are said.
A gentle kiss is placed on my cheek.
The Sea Goddess before me moves into my arms.
The space between these arms that was made for her.

The crashing of the waves is the only sound now.
The Sea washes over our feet
But we do not move.

After all...

The Sea and Sky are always together....

Ten'ou Haruka [userpic]


July 4th, 2007 (07:36 pm)

Happy Fourth all! I got two journals! Bwahahahaha.....I need a life...

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